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30 Minute Hit Halifax
Address: 5651 Hennessey Street, Halifax, B3K 2B1
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Business Description:

Ready to HIT? We know you are… so what are you waiting for? Our 13 bag smacking, skill-building, core strengthening stations that fly by in just 30 mi…

First Name: Jodie
Last Name: Peck
Position: Owner 30 Minute Hit Halifax
Phone: 902-407-8882
All Smiles Dental Hygiene Clinic
Address: #1 2069 Hammonds Plains Road, Hammonds Plains Road, NS B4B 1P3
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Business Description:

Independent Dental Hygiene Clinic doing assessments, scaling, polishing, and whitening services.

First Name: Marilyn
Last Name: Cummings
Position: Dental Hygienist
Phone: 902 835-6632
Allied Therapy
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Business Description:

We are a group of Allied Health Professionals who support Halifax, Dartmouth, and the surrounding areas. We provide services from registered Speech-La…

First Name: Stephanie
Last Name: Hovey
Position: Founder
Phone: 902-579-8490
Cell: 902-579-8490
Balance Fitness
Address: 100 Main Street Suite 2025, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B2X 1R5
Business Description:

Balance Fitness is a Private Exclusive Member’s only Fitness Club that specializes in Sustainable Fat Loss and Lifestyle change through One on One Per…

Phone: 902-292-2626
Cell: 902-233-7036
Beech Street Health Centre
Address: 2585 Beech Street
Halifax, NS B3L2X9
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Business Description:

Beech Street Health Centre is a multi-disciplinary health clinic located in Halifax, Nova Scotia offering osteopathy, massage therapy, physiotherapy a…

First Name: Heather
Last Name: Stone
Position: Owner
Phone: 9024067200
Cell: 9022935100
Champion Foundational Change Agency
Address: Dartmouth, NS
Business Description:

A Professional Corporate Wellness Consultant I help small and medium sized businesses and non-profits create a wellness and well-being movement within…

First Name: Ann-Marie
Last Name: Flinn
Position: President
Phone: 9024498784
Cell: 9024498784
Cornerstone Occupational Therapy Consultants
Address: PO Box 33084
Halifax, NS
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Business Description:

Cornerstone Occupational Therapy Consultants provides community based rehabilitation services throughout Nova Scotia. We provide practical solutions f…

First Name: Ruth
Last Name: Duggan
Position: Partner, Occupational Therapist
Phone: 902-446-4660
Duckish Natural Skin Care
Address: 217B Herring Cove Road, Halifax, NS
Business Category:
Business Description:

Duckish, founded in 2015, is a delightful, all-natural, Canadian-made bath and body brand whose mission is to have a positive impact via its products,…

First Name: Carolyn
Last Name: Crewe
Position: CEO/Co-Founder
Phone: 9028025544
Embodhi Nutrition and Yoga
Address: 6156 Quinpool Rd. Suite 102 Halifax NS B3L 1A3
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Business Description:

We are devoted to giving you the techniques to navigate self-healing and begin participating in your health through nutrition and yoga. We support our…

First Name: Lesley
Last Name: Seto
Position: Owner ( Registered Dietitian & Katonah Yoga Instructor)
Phone: 902-418-6330
Fibro Freedom Formula by FibroCoach.Online
Address: 127-3 Dillman Place, Dartmouth, Nova Scotia, B3A 1A6
Business Description:

Fibro Coach Online, is a Safe Space for Women with Fibromyalgia to Heal with Guidance & Support. Reclaim your power & life to thrive with Fibr…

First Name: Christine
Last Name: Lutley
Position: Life Coach & Owner
Phone: 9024017067
Cell: 9024017067