Beezy Wrap®

Beezy Wrap® Eco-Friendly Beeswax Food Wraps
Business Description

BEEZY WRAP®.… an environmentally friendly re-usable beeswax food wrap and eco-friendly products.
Beezy Wrap® was started from a desire to no longer use "single use" plastic.
A proprietary recipe is used to create a beeswax food wrap using 100% cotton, local beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin.
Beezy Wrap® is quickly replacing other popular leading brands of beeswax wraps in Canada, as retailers and customers claim “Beezy Wrap® is the best”

Beezy Wrap® is introducing a line of eco-friendly cleaning products with a zero plastic theme.
We source mainly local and Canadian materials.

We have a "Zero-Waste" philosophy and use all materials processed.

We have a fast growing on line presence at with orders and interest coming from U.S., UK., Japan, Iceland, Finland, Norway, Netherlands, China and Australia.

We have been contacted by a long list of corporate businesses from around the world who wish to use Beezy Wrap® as part of their line of corporate gifts.

Our retail presence is growing at a quick pace and we are represented in retail locations across Canada with more requests to be handled, including export to Japan.

We are excited to meet more people so we can encourage a plastic free, and more environmentally friendly life style.…
We each are SMALL....but together we can be MIGHTY.

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