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Address: 44 Cherrywood Dr
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A platform that helps unite the Atlantic fashion industry and encourage the rest of the nation to recognize what we have to offer the fashion world. A…

First Name: Angela
Last Name: Campagnoni
Position: Founder & Executive Director
Phone: +1 9028302489
Elsie Morden
Address: 1521 Grafton Street, Suite 202
Halifax, NS
B3J 2B9
Business Description:

Standing up and singing on a restaurant table at the age of four was the beginning of Elsie Morden’s journey as an entertainer. Since then, this prair…

Position: Singer, Songwriter, Motivational Speaker – CEO & Founder of No Time for That Anti-Bullying Society
Renée Hartleib
Address: Halifax, Nova Scotia
Business Description:

I am a writer and writing mentor who inspires others to create and live from their hearts. I offer creativity and writing courses, writing coaching, a…

First Name: Renée
Last Name: Hartleib
Position: Sole Proprietor
Phone: 9024221693
Cell: 9024221693