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Champion Foundational Change Agency
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A Professional Corporate Wellness Consultant I help small and medium sized businesses and non-profits create a wellness and well-being movement within their organization's culture.
I have a wealth of knowledge in a variety of genres:

1) Corporate Wellness Consultant - With 29 years in a fortune 100 company, a certified Workplace Wellness Master Ambassador and a passionate workshop facilitator specializing in corporate wellness, I know how important a healthy culture is in the work place.
Working closely with you and your stakeholders to ensure the unique needs of your specific organization are met. Together we will improve the quality and productivity of all workplace members.

2) Wellness and Well-being Coach - Showing up as your best self starts from within. As a certified nutrition coach and professional life coach I work with women who are ready to create a more positive and sustainable relationship with food, mind and spirit. I help you maximize your physical, mental and emotional energy capacity so you can balance what’s important in your life

3) Workshop facilitation - need a customized workshop for your group on motivation, mindset, nutrition, work/life, etc? Let's talk.
I've created and facilitated a variety of workshops centred around the client's (both business and groups) needs.
My signature workshop - "From Conflict to Civility in the workplace" is a powerful tool in reducing drama and negative attitudes and shift to empowerment, empathy and respect in both the workplace and at home.

4) Motivational Speaker - Throughout North America my keynotes and talks have inspired audience members to make a change from within. Custom tailored talks that speak directly your audience with a clear call to action have been a powerful tool in setting up the direction and motivation in opening and/or closing retreats, summits and conferences. Reach out to me to discuss what is possible to create a powerful keynote that results in positive and motivational changes at your next conference.

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Dartmouth, NS