Comforting Companions Care Providers Inc

Comforting Companions Care Providers Inc
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Caring for someone you love who is aging or living with chronic, progressive illnesses, like dementia is an emotional journey and one you cannot do alone.
The road is not easy but having someone you can count on to be there for you and those you love, can help to lighten the pain and emotional challenges that are inevitable.
Comforting Companions offers caring, kind companions who can meet your loved one where they are mentally and physically. Whether your loved one is needing a bit of help to remain independent in their home, living in an assisted living community looking for friendship and social time, or now in long term care where the changes are making them feel lonely in their new surroundings, a caring companion can make a positive difference. They genuinely care about your loved one and can bring them added joy to their day.
Let us help by calling us today to share more about your unique situation and we will take time to find the perfect companion for your loved one.
“When you can’t be there for those you love…”

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Wellington, Nova Scotia