Jacqueline Steudler – JST Art and Therapy Inc.

Jacqueline Steudler – JST Art and Therapy Inc.
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Jacqueline Steudler helps grieving women navigate their first years of healing after a loss to feel heard and in control of their healing journey without feeling like leaving their loved ones who have died behind. Her clients thrive using compassionate actions like art-making, mindfulness, and humour to help them feel balanced and connected to their lives again while deeply honouring their loved ones.

Her own grief experience has led Jacqueline to adjust her work as an art therapist and train in grief recovery. She is holding a safe space, asks complex and transformational questions, and is there every step of the way. Jacqueline's focus is to reignite your resilience and healing power.

Jacqueline's best-selling ebook 'From Grieving to Grateful: Heal Your Broken Heart' is available on Amazon Kindle. Included is a free workbook that helps grievers take clear and simple actions to move forward.

Jacqueline works in groups and one-one sessions online and in person. She's also a speaker who helps businesses better understand grief in the workplace and supports other art therapists in learning about grief and healing.

Jacqueline is a painter inspired by nature's beauty, and she loves to hug trees. (smile)

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2482 Maynard Street, Halifax, B3K 3V4