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Diane Wooden Consulting
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Workplace relationships matter to your success! As an employer, what matters most to you? Productivity. Profit. Peace. Diane Wooden Consulting is HR with heart.

Diane’s creative and customized approach to people, policies, procedures and programs offers employers and employees a healthier, happier workplace.

Keep molehills from becoming mountains by building a foundation of tried and tested HR practices essential to business growth and employee satisfaction, always keeping in mind that workplace relationships matter to your success.

What would it be like to feel good at work – every day? How different would it be when you could see the focus on healthy workplace relationships?

It IS possible! Diane can help you build a respectful and responsive workplace where you, your employees, and the business can grow and develop together.

Diane will work with you one on one or as a member of a group in a workshop - whatever suits you best! Contact Diane to learn how she can increase the productivity, profit and peace in your work environment.

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Halifax, NS