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PowerUp Leadership
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Organizations that Build Leaders Attract and Retain Top Talent. At PowerUp Leadership, we believe that the right talent is a game changer, and results in business success. Our value proposition is to show organizations how to create a culture of Inspired Leadership that focuses on coaching and retaining talent. When you get leadership and retention right, your organization will be a talent magnet.

Power HR offers executive coaching, human resources strategy, career transition, HR advisory and consulting, workplace investigations and executive recruitment services.

Organizations that opt to extend their development of high-potential talent below senior levels are 4.2 times more likely to outperform those that don’t on a financial composite of revenue growth, operating margin, EBITDA, and return on equity. Companies that take a full-pipeline view of potential also have higher-quality senior leadership and more diversity at every level, not just high potentials.

First Name: Susan
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