Bette Watson-Borg /MapleKey Coaching & Leadership

Bette Watson-Borg /MapleKey Coaching & Leadership
Business Name: Bette Watson-Borg /MapleKey Coaching & Leadership
Business Description:

Bette Watson-Borg brings over 25 years of working with individuals, groups and teams and helping them realize their goals through coaching, facilitation and training. Bette works with clients to identify what is most important for them, whether professional or personally based on where the client wants to be. She creates structure to help them understand more about the goals, the barriers that are getting in the way, the supports than may enable success AND help them hold themselves accountable to their commitments for action. Bette also work with organizational leaders and team coaching processes, including using recognized online assessment tools that can help deepen the understanding of leaders and teams of where they are now and where they want and as importantly need to go to be high performing groups of people

First Name: Bette
Last Name: Watson-Borg
Position: Principal
Business Address: Halifax and Nova Scotia
Phone: 902-410-7075
Cell: 902-410-7075