Greywave Senior Care Consulting Inc

Greywave Senior Care Consulting Inc
Business Name: Greywave Senior Care Consulting Inc
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Many families face a crisis as loved ones age and their needs change.
A chronic illness may suddenly become a crisis…. a loved one is changing, and you suspect a dementia… someone you care for knows they are struggling and wants to plan a move to assisted living… an elderly family member falls and breaks a hip… a primary caregiver can no longer manage… immediate family members live elsewhere…. Whatever the concern, at Greywave, we work with you to understand your needs and identify resources that can help. There are many questions. Services and resources can be very confusing and difficult to navigate. We explore with you the range of client-service options; both public and private. We work with you to develop a practical plan that is best for you and your family.
If you would like to stop worrying and have peace of mind, call us today.

First Name: Marie-Claire
Last Name: Chartrand
Position: Owner and Lead Consultant
Business Address: 103-287 Lacewood Drive Suite 166
Halifax, NS B3M3Y7
Phone: 902-448-8439
Cell: 902-448-8439