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Grow A Lotus Yoga creates a calm classroom through programs that help children and teachers build self-awareness, confidence and resilience in a fun and safe way. We work with children and teachers to help them foster inner resources that help them thrive in the world so that they can live to their fullest potential. Like the lotus flower that requires murky waters to blossom to its fullest, we believe that individuals can learn to develop to their fullest when supported through the many challenges, stresses and murky waters that they face daily. We use mindfulness based practices, breathing techniques, literature and yoga to provide a balanced resource for children to engage in the practices in a fun, accessible, and age appropriate way. Breathe.Read.Yoga. is a program available online for teachers to incorporate into their daily routines and classroom themes. With this, we aim to serve elementary schools offering a comprehensive program designed to be seamlessly incorporated into the classroom with the goals of supporting physical, mental, and social and emotional health to improve learning readiness and increase students' and teachers' ability to cope with the many stressors in the world.

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5531 Leeds Street, Halifax, NS, B3K 2T3