First Impressions Medical Aesthetics & Rejuvenation Clinic

First Impressions Medical Aesthetics & Rejuvenation Clinic
Business Description

We clinically reverse the signs of aging. A respectful, authentic & compassionate group of licensed professionals, we provide safe, individualized treatments for the skin, face & body, assisting patients to age gracefully and maintain/regain their self-confidence and vitality.

We clinically reverse the signs of aging that makes you look tired, angry, sad, saggy, and older to help you look & feel more confident in your career, relationship and life.

The fastest way to look and feel 5 -10 years younger is to stop doing 90% of what you are doing and focus on one or two simple strategies that don't involve using any over the counter lotions or other snake oils.

The Atlantic Training Institute for Medical Aesthetics, the Atlantic Division of the Canadian Board of Aesthetic Medicine is a subdivision of our clinical practice at First Impressions. We teach physicians, nurses and dentists the most comprehensive training in up to date techniques for Rejuvenation Medicine, in North America & Internationally. Education is, delivered by our internationally renowned Nurse Practitioner, expert injector, skilled in advanced education instruction & sought after expert in Restoration and Rejuvenation Medicine.

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Nurse Practitioner & Medical Director - Owner
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620-103B Nine Mile Dr, Bedford, NS B4A0H4
465-D George St, Sydney, NS B1P1K5
902-702-2727 Bedford / 902-322-6805 Sydney
Deborah Hart