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Heidi Sturgeon & Associates
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Heidi Sturgeon & Associates is an e-Counselling & Therapy Practice providing individual online mental health therapy/treatment to Atlantic Canadians. Online therapy offers an innovative approach to mental health service delivery allowing clients to access individual therapy from the comfort of their own home/office. Services are provided using a secure and confidential video conferencing system.
Heidi Sturgeon & Associates offers evidence based mental health treatment approaches provided by experienced Clinical Social Workers and Psychologists. Each therapist has extensive experience of more than twenty years and are approved providers for Medavie Blue Cross, Canadian Armed Forces, Veterans, RCMP and NIHB.

Many individuals impacted by mental health concerns are not able to access the kinds of professional support or treatment they require due to numerous barriers. Therapist at Heidi Sturgeon & Associates work to remove barriers in accessing treatment by bringing treatment to the client. Barriers such as transportation, access to services in one's community, stigma, time, child care, frequent travel, as well as professionals seeking treatment in rural communities are not seen as barriers with online e-mental health.

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5450 Kaye St