Alison K Consulting

Alison K Consulting
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Alison K Consulting provides ethical marketing consulting for brands putting good into the world. Take your content from "meh" to "f-yeah!"

If you run a service-based business, startup or non-profit, Alison is ready to support your team towards online ROI success. Allow her to act as your partner in streamlining the various aspects of marketing that allow you to prosper and grow. No matter what topics you cover, expect a wonderful blend of accountability, coaching and training at any given time. And laughter most times (this is marketing, not brain surgery, after all).

Services include:
- Ethical Marketing Consulting: Audits, action plans, training/support to attract more right-fit prospects in a way that is aligned with your goals and sustainable.

- Fractional CMO: Allows founders to shift focus to overall company vision and strategic planning, while a trusted partner manages the day-to-day marketing operations.

- SEO Consulting:  Audits, action plans, training/support for organic traffic success. Ideal when you offer complex solutions to complex problems that don't fit neatly in the "need it > add it to cart > buy it" funnel.

- Email Marketing Consulting: Audits, action plans and training/support for all the fiddly bits that help convert the curious into clients with your newsletter, lead magnets and outreach.

- Audience Research: discover where you audience hangs out online and what content resonates most with them so you spend less time creating better engaging content.

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