Alison K Consulting

Alison K Consulting
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Alison K Consulting
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Alison K Consulting provides web + brand design for service-based business and organizations. Through data and design, convert the curious into customers.

Services include:
– Web Consulting: Is your website working its hardest? If you want more clicks, more sales or more phone calls… speak to me. From one hour sessions to complete tech application, I bring clarity to evolving needs of ‘being online’.

– Website Redesign: The average lifespan of a website is 4 years.  By that time, most sites have band-aids applied, broken parts and mixed up messaging. Let me take care of all the tech, marketing and design aspects of your next great iteration.

– Rebranding: Your business is maturing, yet the brand is stuck in that awkward adolescence phase. It’s time to take your visual message to the next level. Certainly, there’s more to it than just getting a logo…

Design + coding + marketing expertise makes her your business’ secret weapon.

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1505 Barington Street, Main Level (by appointment only)