Kisserup International Trade Roots Inc.

Kisserup International Trade Roots Inc.
Business Description

Kisserup is a global consultancy firm focused on the development and sustainability of micro, small and medium size businesses around the world. The firm takes its name from its roots, a small town outside of Copenhagen, Denmark called “Kisserup”. Today, Kisserup’s global presence includes direct project experience and a network of experts in over 90 countries.
Kisserup’s project work is funded primarily by international development organizations, public and private business support organizations, as well as trade and industry associations that foster sustainable and inclusive economic growth. Kisserup focuses on serving a cluster of beneficiaries (entrepreneurs, SMEs, MSMEs) on behalf of its clients. We do not work on retainers nor on a commission basis. This ensures that our team is free from conflicts of interest and guarantees equal treatment and quality of services for all participants in the cluster. Kisserup’s cluster approach allows us to assist a wide range of enterprises and organizations.

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Fischer Boulter
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1673 Barrington Street, Suite 300
Halifax, Nova Scotia
902 4053880