SmartCat Marketing

SmartCat Marketing
Business Name: SmartCat Marketing
Business Description:

At SmartCat Marketing we help small to medium businesses create brand clarity and positive user experiences to engage more customers and increase sales.

With more than two decades of experience as a sales and marketing professional, Nicole’s passion lies in helping her small business clients achieve their sales goals.

SmartCat is a sales and marketing business. Nicole helps with websites, content, and sales. What pacts the punch? Nicole has worked with multi-million dollar companies and brings those 7-figure marketing and sales strategies to small businesses. That’s a big deal.

Have you been over-promised with web services that didn’t provide the results you were expecting?
Have you been tossing money at the same processes but not seeing results?
Not sure if your sales process is working?

I understand. I see it. My clients tell me about it. Business owners buy-in to fancy buzz words and buy in to products and processes that are not right for them.

If you want to work with someone who has an extensive background in sales and marketing, who has a track record of delivering results, and who is honest, and thrives when others succeed, then please reach out. I am offering a 30 minute free assessment. ( a $197 value)

First Name: Nicole
Last Name: Gallant
Position: Founder, CEO
Cell: 902-209-9626
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