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shiftED Academy Inc.
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You Know Your Stuff. shiftED Helps You Present It.

We believe having good presentation skills is the secret to promotions, pay increases, and powerful career shifts, so we help professionals rock the podium to get to their next level, even if the podium hasn't found her yet!


Businesses and professionals hire shiftED Academy for training and mentoring, in person and online, individually and in groups. Let us help you embrace the spotlight and share your knowledge with more people. Bespoke, on demand, and static programs available.

In addition, using current and emerging evidence-based methodologies for teaching and learning, shiftED's team helps to create or modernize your courses and curricula resources.

Founder and Principal, Tisha Parker Kemp, also offers keynotes and conference presentations. With over 20 years' experience in the end-to-end management of training programs, 18+ in the online learning space, Tisha inspires people to acquire new skills using proven strategies and practical tips and techniques.

Keywords: presentation skills, train-the-trainer, adult education, online learning, online courses

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Parker Kemp
Founder & Principal
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Anchored in Halifax, connected to the world. Currently serving clients across Canada and the United States.