Untangle Money

Untangle Money
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Untangle Money gives women confidence about their money, by helping them make financial decisions, based on what they can afford, while ensuring they will be financially ok in the future.

We’re doing it at scale so that we can reach one million Canadian women in the next 3 years; so that women have more control over our futures and women have the financial capital to shape the world we live in today; so that we can have more women living above the poverty line as they enter the last 5-10 years of their lives.

If you’re wondering WHO we do it for:
Untangle Money works with Canadian woman and couples, who like things explained with pictures, and who want independent, research-based, insights, education and guidance on their money. Our clients usually make between $40k-$200k.

One of our largest customer bases is the parents of young adults who want their kids to set themselves up in a way that gives them good financial health.

In case you suspect YOU should use our services but you are worried we’ll judge your spending choices:
Untangle Money uses a trauma-informed approach to money, and we are a safe and welcoming space. We don’t judge your spending as frivolous, or shame your money choices, because you can do whatever you want with your money. We want you to have the knowledge & confidence you need, to fully understand the decisions you’re making.

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27 Knight Street
Toronto, ON