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Carol Myers
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Carol Myers is an accomplished Maxwell Leadership Coach, Speaker, Trainer, and expert in the DISC Personality Profile. With over 11 years of experience working with leaders from various industries, Carol has developed a deep understanding of the challenges and opportunities faced by individuals in leadership positions.

Before her career as a leadership coach, Carol spent 20 years as a successful entrepreneur. This entrepreneurial background has equipped her with valuable insights into the intricacies of business operations, strategic planning, and effective team management.

Throughout her career, Carol has demonstrated a passion for supporting others in unlocking their potential and achieving personal and professional growth. She firmly believes that every individual possesses unique strengths and talents, and her expertise lies in helping individuals identify and leverage these qualities to maximize their success.

As a Maxwell Leadership Coach, Carol utilizes the principles and teachings of renowned leadership expert John C. Maxwell to guide her clients towards becoming influential and impactful leaders. She combines her extensive knowledge of leadership strategies with her intuitive understanding of human behavior to provide practical and actionable advice to her clients.

Carol's expertise in the DISC Personality Profile allows her to provide valuable insights into individuals' behavioral styles, communication preferences, and work dynamics. By leveraging this knowledge, she helps her clients build stronger relationships, improve team dynamics, and enhance their overall leadership effectiveness.

Through her engaging and dynamic speaking engagements, Carol has had the opportunity to inspire and motivate audiences across the globe. Her presentations are known for their thought-provoking content, practical applications, and ability to connect with diverse audiences.

With a track record of helping leaders and teams reach their full potential, Carol Myers continues to make a lasting impact in the world of leadership development. Her unwavering commitment to unlocking individual potential and fostering growth has earned her a reputation as a trusted advisor and a catalyst for positive change.

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2333 Trout Brook Road, Albert Bridge, NS B1K 2N1