Cultivated Eco Systems

Cultivated Eco Systems
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CultivatedEco is a female run business based in rural Nova Scotia. We are focused on supporting growers of all sizes, growing anything, to re-establish sustainable soil which nourishes plants, re-builds soil, increases yield and decreases labour.

Through our soil services, clients can identify their soil and plant’s needs plus create living soil additives onsite eliminating quality concerns, high delivery costs and allowing proper nutrient distribution. With the addition of our equipment, (in development), clients can continue to create their soil solutions efficiently, multiplying the concentration and increasing coverage.

Our customers want more. Growing, whether for profit or pleasure, shouldn’t be an expensive guessing game and it shouldn’t harm the soil in which you grow. Sadly, that is what is happening in gardens and on farms around the world. Growers are frustrated because they’re not having consistent results and hours are being wasted researching.

When Cultivated was created, our goal was to help others learn to grow anything they want affordably and with less effort. That is why we offer services to help clients navigate the soil science, offer ready made products to skip the DIY and are developing equipment to simplify the whole process.

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843 Lamont Rd., Egerton, NS B0K 1G0