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houdinidesign ARCHITECTS is an award winning architecture firm founded by Lisa Tondino, and made up of collaborators Lisa Tondino and Alexandra Bolen. The firm has been in practice over 10 years.

Prior to creating the firm, Lisa practiced in Halifax (Nova Scotia), Montreal (Quebec) and Monterey (California). Alexandra practiced in Halifax (Nova Scotia) and Montreal (Quebec), and did her formative training at MacKay Lyons Sweetapple Architects. We are Rick Hansen Foundation Accessible Design certified, committed to equity & sustainability.

Our Vision: Site Responsive Architecture that is Sensitive to the Context.

In our approach to our projects, we put emphasis on collaboration with the client. We work to develop the client’s vision. Our process includes sketching and painting in the study of site and context, as well as in the development of a schematic design. We use model building to experiment with light and volume, and careful drawings and details as well as 3d modeling to convey the design. Working closely with the builder and consultants results in well crafted and detailed buildings.

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Canning, Nova Scotia