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Known for being a master networker, I have developed countless contacts over 30+ years of running my own very successful, referral-based business. I am passionate about connecting local business people and seeing the productive relationships that develop.
As an independent sales rep with Mary Kay Cosmetics where I built a multi-million-dollar direct sales business, Mary Kay’s belief in the Golden Rule resonated with me from the start. Building my own business provided me with the opportunity to gain experience that could be gained in no other way and the company provided excellent training. Like any entrepreneur, I am always learning and growing as an individual and searching for ways to promote myself and others.

It was through this career with its connections and sales, that I found BNI. After attending my first couple of meetings, I was immediately impressed by how organized BNI was and that members were actually giving referrals to other members. I was delighted to learn about BNI’s core values, especially “Givers Gain”, which is much like the Golden Rule. As someone that has always loved connecting people, I knew BNI was made for me. I learn so much from other members including presentation and speaking skills, business experience and advice, and a boost of self-confidence and self-esteem. While it does come with a time and money commitment, as it does take an investment to grow your network, BNI is truly the fastest and most effective way to build a huge network that works for all everyone involved. You truly get to know people and when they know, like, and trust you - referrals do happen. I’m living proof!

From being a member, to now the Executive Director of BNI Maritimes, I believe BNI’s philosophy and core values still align with my own. It is a great and proven way to live your life and build a business. Each BNI chapter becomes a real community and builds lasting relationships, and was recently recognized in Forbes magazine, ranking #1 in Forbes 14 Smart Ways for a Business Owner to Reach New Contacts. We all want to be connected to something bigger than ourselves and when we share our networks, we are doing service to our friends and business contacts.

BNI works. Are you ready to hear more? Join us at one of our weekly chapter meetings across Nova Scotia, New Brunswick, or PEI. Can’t make it and want to start a chapter in your area - lets have coffee.

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