Dandelion Digital

Dandelion Digital
Business Name: Dandelion Digital
Business Description:

I help entrepreneurs POST WITH PURPOSE through photography & social media.

As a photographer & social media manager, the uniqueness of Dandelion Digital is bringing together the experience and expertise of both a skills to best reflect your brand, business, or event.

As a social media consultant my goal is to help other GenX entrepreneurs keep a consistent and engaging on-line presence that reflects your brand and business by taking the stress off your plate with one on one coaching or content solutions.

As a professional photographer, I have 30 years experience in event photography. I have a keen understanding that events are about more than what is on display. They are about the engagement and reactions of the guests, participants, and viewers.

Services include:
~ social media coaching and content services for small business
~ social media photography of your brand and business
~ corporate event photography including galas, conferences, trade shows, speaking engagements
~ community event photography including festivals, parades, sporting events
~ photoshop solutions for small business
~ photoshop outsourcing for photographers

First Name: Allison
Last Name: Smith
Position: social media consultant, event & brand photographer
Business Address: Beaver Bank, Nova Scotia
Cell: 780.982.3016
Email: allison@dandeliondigital.ca
Messenger: m.me/dandeliondigitalhfx
Twitter: @AJSmithPhoto
LinkedIn: @AJSmithPhoto